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Emily's Happy Feet

Emily's Happy Feet is a simple mission from one child to others. Delivering fun slippers to Children that are sick.

Emily's mission for Happy Feet is to inspire, uplift, create smiles and warm feet for children who are sick or hospitalized. 
Emily started her mission at age 10. She was sick of wearing the itchy scratchy hospital socks and wanted to help so other kids did not have to wear them. Emily asked everyone to omit gifts for her birthday party, and instead bring slippers to donate. Emily spends a lot of time being hospitalized (since age 4 due to a very rare genetic disease) and wants to make sure everyone, has comfortable and happy slippers to wear.
Emily delivers 100 pair to every hospital, Ronald McDonald house, and doctor office that she visits. When Emily is well enough she loves traveling to different states delivering. We also mail out slipppers and have Happy Feet Helpers that deliver to the child's front door when needed.
To date, Emily has delivered over 11,000 pair. The slippers for happy feet come from amazing people that donate, hold slipper drives or simply just buy them. We are so thankful to all of you who have played a huge part in making Emily's Mission possible.January 2019 will mark seven years of Emilys foundation.